Space Saving Hanger
Space Saving Hanger
Space Saving Hanger
Space Saving Hanger
Space Saving Hanger
Space Saving Hanger
Space Saving Hanger

Space Saving Hanger

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Product Description:

Double the amount of hanging space in your wardrobe with space saving hanger,  a staple in many homes. This high quality hanger includes nine convenient ports for your coat hangers to provide organisation for your valuable garments and maximise your space like never before. Say goodbye to messy wardrobes with this sturdy space-saver!

Why our customers love this product?

Easy To Use

Our coat hanger edges are created smooth and round to ensure no pulling or tearing on your clothing with convenient ports for you to hang up to 9 individual pieces. This anti-slip hanger is child friendly and can be used in every bedroom. Simply just add this to your wardrobe and watch how much space will be saved. 

High Quality

Our Space Saving Hanger is built with eco-friendly, heavy duty PP + TPE plastic material with a thick and smooth base. The hanger is light weight yet durable with a contoured design to comfortably fit any space. Your clothes hang in your closet for 99% of their life, they simply deserve the best!


Space Saving

The Space Saving Hanger comfortably fits nine pieces of clothing including shirts, jackets, coats, jeans while extending their life. This can be utilised in small apartments that lack space up to enormous closets that love organisation, this practical solution is an essential investment for everyone. 


Multi Purpose Use

Our coat hangers are strategically designed with a built-in buckle and durable hook that can be freely rotated 360 degrees. Maximise the space in your wardrobe by rotating horizontally or vertically to suit your needs and keep your clothing wrinkle free. 


Extremely Durable

With our coat hangers specially crafted with high grade PP + TPE plastic, they're strong enough to support heavy fabrics and multiple pieces. They can withhold weight as heavy as 6kg with a guarantee to last. Whether you have multiple dresses and coats to heavy sweaters and suits, our hangers do it all!



Material: PP + TPE plastic material

Size: 33cm x 16.5cm x 1.6cm

Weight:  Approx. 90g


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