Glass Rinser for Kitchen
Glass Rinser for Kitchen
Glass Rinser for Kitchen
Glass Rinser for Kitchen

Glass Rinser for Kitchen

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Product Description:

The  Glass Rinser features high-pressure water jets that reach where you can’t. It effectively rinses virtually any drinkware, so you can spend less time scrubbing. 

Why you need our Glass Rinser! 
Our glass rinser is optimised to give you the most satisfying and effective drink ware cleaning experience! Reducing the irritation of hard-to-clean drink ware and giving your kitchen the wow factor! 

Ease Of Use

The glass rinser's effective function is easily carried out by placing the opening of the drinkware downward on the rinser and gently pushing, activating the water jets for cleaning. Once the cup is clean release the pressure to deactivate washing, the cleaning is complete

Easy Installation 

The glass rinser can be easily installed in an empty, standard countertop hole. The required supply line (included) can be connected to either the hot or cold water supply line.

 Broadly Used 

It is widely used and a great hand for any bar, cafe, restaurant, household, or club

What's Included 

Water supply connection 

Tee connector 

Glass Rinser

In regard to the water pipes and tee connector in the set, you can buy them at your local hardware store.


Dimensions - (H*W*D) 17.5x 9x 1.2 cm

Material - Plastic 

Weight - 860g