Facial Cleansing Machine
Facial Cleansing Machine
Facial Cleansing Machine

Facial Cleansing Machine

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Product Features:

Exfoliate with ease: The Facial Cleansing Machine can also double as a facial exfoliator tool by combining the unique interchangeable heads with gentle vibrations to remove dead skin cells. This process boosts skin radiance and improves skin texture, introducing you to a warm complexion 

Improve Blood Flow: Not only does poor blood circulation pose the possibility of significant health problems, but it also affects the appearance, particularly for aging skin. It can cause uneven, blotchy skin, especially in the face. Increasing facial blood circulation can improve the complexion and provide a more youthful look.

Increased Skin Care: Another significant benefit of using The Facial Cleansing Machine at the beginning of your routine is that any creams, serums or oils you apply afterwards will penetrate deeper into the skin for better results. If you’ve been wondering, ‘Is a facial cleansing brush really necessary?’ You can think of it as a booster for every step of your routine.


(Oh Yeah, it's waterproof too) 

What's In the Box?

1 x Harp™ Facial Cleanser

1 x Soft brush

1 x Rolling massager

1 x Make-up sponge

1 x Latex sponge-soft

1 x Polish Head 


 (Batteries not included)